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Hello again - welcome back to The ARTS SOCIETY East Grinstead website (TASEG)

Please choose & hover over one of the CYAN-colouredTABS in the row along the top of the screen (just above the Arts Society logo) to access topics of interest.  If there's a choice to make, a menu list of options will drop down.  Click one to select.  An additional option to return directly to the HOME page (this page) has been added.

The announcements for the next two lectures are in the March Bulletin under the PUBLICATIONS tab above.

The visit to the Royal Holloway College on 28 March is now fully booked.

For the Tour to Lisbon, although now full, the Organiser (Val Macpherson) can increase the number of places available.  Anybody interested should contact her directly on val@vam33.co.uk, or at one of the lectures at Chequer Mead.

A link announcing the latest Arts Society (TAS) quarterly magazine (March 2018) is HERE

The EVENTS pages have also been updated and announce the Arts Society service at Westminster Abbey on 16 May.  Details TBA ASAP.

Please note that all of the local TASEG and the Sussex Area SIDs have now taken place.

TASEG has received information from the Friends of St.Peter & St.Paul at Lingfield wrt their talk about the conservation of their 16thC embroidery panel and the Royal Coat of Arms of Queen Ann - info HERE

The OUT & ABOUT page offers click-links to a selection of new Art exhibitions in London & the South East either on NOW or starting SOON.  Art programs on TV are also included.  Details of a new Messel portrait exhibition at NYMANS are also included.

The TASEG YOUNG ARTS page has been updated to include progress in 2017 & 2018 to date.  Please see the tab above.

There's also a GIFT AID tab in the choices above from where the Art Society Gift Aid form & information sheet can be printed (just hover near the top of the page and the printer symbol will appear).  

More information on other events will be added as it becomes available.

Sometimes, E-mail systems don't always run as smoothly as we'd all like.  HERE in HELPFUL HINTS, we'll gather reports of common problems, etc. and try to suggest solutions.  I've started to compile a list of IT vocabulary & terms so please do continue to feed back any ideas/suggestions to help improve TASEG publications and feel free to contact the Chairman at the above E-mail address regarding any TASEG query.

Almost ALL pages in the TASEG website are updated each month and each page is dated to help identify those which are new and/or different, or those which have not changed since the previous month - enjoy!

D.Paterson (EDITOR)

13 March, 2018